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Insurance for your money. Your money is legally insured up to $500 000 per user under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation scheme. This means that if something happens to Birdwingo or our partners, you have a money-back guarantee. In addition to this, your money is insured up to €50,000 per user under the standard European Investor Compensation Scheme. Cherry on top, Birdwingo is also commercially insured against incidents. Minors’ accounts are held under their parent or legal guardians name. Parent or legal guardians have full control over the account and trades performed. Investing in the stock market is risky and Tatrym s.r.o does not provide guarantee of gain neither is responsible for any losses incured due to trades performed

Regulatory Oversight: Birdwingo brand is a product of Tatrym s.r.o – a regulated entity (tied agent) by the National Bank of Slovakia. By the pasporting rights, Tatrym s.r.o is able to accept clients from all EU member states. Tatrym s.r.o is tied to the operations and oversight of our partner Wealth Effect Management, which is a fully registered stock broker regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia with the ability to offer services in other EU member states. Trading takes place through Alpaca Securities, regulated by the US regulator FINRA. It manages large amounts of transactions worldwide every day.

Birdwingo Teens
Birdwingo Teens is a separate product from our Birdwingo app. Sign up for our waitlist and help us shape how the end product will look like.