When to buy*

By: Shannon Lin, frequent buyer of 8 years 🛒

*Disclaimer: These are some tips and tricks, not sure fire investment advice.

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When’s the best time to invest/buy?

  • There’s many expert opinions out there, here we summarize some thoughts for you
  • Sometimes it’s helpful taking another perspective so we’ll start with a tip of when NOT to buy!

Reconsider buying if your reason is…

  • Gambling, this can be fun but dangerous for your wallet!
  • You desperately need the full invested amount in a relatively short time (e.g. to buy food). Prices fluctuate and may go temporarily down. Remember, invest for the long-term.
  • Everyone else is buying so I have to buy as well
  • You see it mentioned in the news a lot. Not all press is good press.


Potential good reasons to buy

  • You believe in the long-term potential of the company: its share price will rise over the weeks, months, and years and you don’t care about short-term price fluctuations
  • You believe the share price is undervalued or “on sale”. For example, when you compare it to similar companies in the same industry, it has a cheaper price given similar gains. Or the entire market is down and you think this particular share will increase in value in the future.
  • You want to be part of your favorite company’s journey/story
  • The company diversifies your portfolio. Basically, you’re not putting all the eggs in one basket so that you’re more evenly protected against a single ticker’s or industry’s down periods.
  • The ticker pays dividends. Even if the price of the stock decreases, you still get side extra cash directly to your account!
  • You think the ticker is ‘on sale’ meaning that the entire market has gone down and you think it’ll generally go up again, including this specific ticker.


How to buy on Birdwingo app

  • Go to the Market section and browse stocks and ETFs.
  • Click into the desired ticker → Buy.
  • Input/select your desired buy amount (flip between $ or shares by tapping the gray option under the inputted amount)
  • Click Buy now and you’re officially an owner of a piece of your desired company!

But before you buy, you need funds… How to deposit on Birdwingo app

  • Click on the Account page → Deposit
  • Input the account information specified in the deposit screen [link] to your bank’s online banking OR use payme link or QR code
  • Success! Usually, we receive your funds within 6 seconds. You can immediately start trading!


Summary takeaways 🗯

Reconsider buying if your reason is based on external factors and consider buying if the ticker adds value to your portfolio long term!

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