When to sell*

By: Shannon Lin, frequent seller of 8 years 🛒

*Disclaimer: These are some tips and tricks, not sure fire investment advice.

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When’s the best time to sell?

  • There’s many expert opinions out there, here we summarize some thoughts for you
  • Sometimes it’s helpful taking another perspective so we’ll start with a tip of when NOT to sell

Reconsider selling if your reason is…

  • Gambling, this can be fun but dangerous for your wallet!
  • Seeing the price decrease scares you.
  • To combat this, set a threshold ahead of time to hold yourself accountable to selling when you told yourself you would. For example, “I’m going to sell if the price falls more than 10%.” → If it falls <10%, don’t sell. If it falls >10%, sell.
  • Everyone is selling so I have to sell too


Potential good reasons to sell

  • You think something has fundamentally changed about the company that worries you
  • You need the money, whether to cover an extraordinary circumstance, personal expenses or to put towards another ticker you believe has a greater potential
  • You’re happy with the profits and want to treat yourself


How to sell on Birdwingo app

  • On the home page, click on your investment → Trade → Sell
  • Input/select your desired sell amount (flip between $ or shares by tapping the gray option under the inputted amount)
  • Click sell now and expect to receive your funds when the market is open (instantly if it’s during open hours)

Congrats, you sold! How to withdraw from Birdwingo app

  • Click on the Account page → Withdrawal
  • Type your desired amount → Continue
  • Expect to receive your funds directly to your bank account within 2 days


Summary takeaways 🗯

Reconsider selling if your reason is based on external factors and consider selling if you’re happy with the gains or need the funds!

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