Our Detailed Pricing

Lowest fees in Europe. Transparently displayed.

Thanks to our innovative technological infrastructure, transactions cost us less so you earn more. No 1% management fee, which seems low at first glance. A fee between 0,01€ – 1€ per transaction, that’s all.

Minimum Deposit

1 €

Trade Fee

0,01 to 1 €

Deposit via bank transfer

0 €

Deposit via card


Management Fee

0 €

Custody Fee

0 €

Success Fee

0 €

Withdrawal fee

0 €

Inactivity fee

0 €

FX Markup




Exciting News! We’ve added Bitcoin ETFs to our offerings. Until the 19th of January, standard trade fee of 0.49% (max. 1 €) applies. Just like for other stocks and ETFs on Birdwingo. After the 19th of January, a trade fee of 1.49% will apply with a min. fee of 2.99 €. This is due to higher third-party costs associated with these assets.

Premium functionality:

Limit orders

1 € / order

Teen account

59.99 € / year

This is how we use every € you pay:

0,70 € third party fees, 0,30 € developing new features for you.

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Minimum Deposit

Minimum amount of money necessary to start investing.



Deposit Fee

Fee charged by a broker for buying/selling an asset.



Trade Execution Fee

Fee charged by a broker to transfer money to your account.



Management Fee

Fee charged by a broker for having your assets professionally managed.



Custody Fee

(Similar to Management fee) Fee charged by a broker for the services associated with taking care of your investments.



Success Fee

Fee charged by a broker if a portfolio exceeds the expected profit.




Fee for withdrawing money from your investment account to your bank account.



Inactivity Fee

Charged by a broker for not being active on an investing platform in a specific time.



FX markup

Artificial increase of the market conversion rate of two currencies. Applied when buying or selling assets or adding money in different currency.




The difference between the bid and sell price. It is often artificially increased by brokers.