Anyone over the age of 18 with the permanent address in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, or anyone with the Czech or Slovak citizenship living abroad can open an account with us. Other countries will follow.

We offer over 4,000 global stocks and ETFs and 10,000 derivatives. You can trade during the stock market opening hours and in some cases, thanks to our partners, outside this time, the so-called “after-hours trading” is possible. We will soon add crypto and later possibly NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

You trade completely for free and as much as you want! We do not charge any fees for order execution, sell / purchase in another currency, adding or withdrawing money. You can purchase a premium account for access to financial reports and actively managed portfolios.

It is really easy. You have three options:

1) Either send the money directly to your account, which has an IBAN number (transfer usually takes 1-2 working days).
2) Through our interface you can safely add your account and top it up (“top up”) whenever you want (transfer takes several hours to a day).

3) credit or debit card (immediately).

Just like when you add money. Either enter the IBAN to which you want to transfer money in the app, or add your account directly via our interface.

1-2 working days.

Clearly! We accept CZK, EUR, USD, GBP or PLN. Unlike others, we use an interbank exchange rate and do not charge any currency exchange fees, except for a small fee charged to us by a third party (the best on the market).

Of course! And you don’t have to rely only on our words:


1. Your money is legally insured up to $ 500,000. This means that if something happens to Birdwingo, you have a money back guarantee.


2. Trading takes place through an authorized stockbroker in the USA. The broker is regulated by the American financial regulator FINRA and can also provide services to European customers thanks to a partnership with a European broker. It manages millions of transactions worldwide every day.

We believe that everyone should have access to investing. Paying for each transaction is unnecessary, and it also creates a barrier for those who do not have enormous wealth. In our heart we are a technology company – we have built a system that allows us to significantly reduce operating costs and we have negotiated low fees with our partners. We also make money through premium accounts. 

How many you want! There are no restrictions and they are all free;)

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