Investing made simple

Whether you have or haven’t invested before, it’s THIS easy!!

We’ll be launching soon. The first 2.000 users from our waitlist will get a mysterious stock for free. Join it! 👀🙌🏻


We want to bring our gen easy & fun investing.

S&P 500 and other popular ETFs and stocks

Invest as little as 1€ in Fractional Shares and Fractional ETFs

In app professional Financial News and Analyses

All clear in the app, invest even from your bed

Instant top ups

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

Protection that won’t break

Each account protected up to $500 000

As part of the SIPC Scheme, your account is protected up to $500.000. In addition to that, your account is protected up to 50.000€ through the EU Guarantee Fund. This means that if anything happened to Birdwingo or any of our partners, you would never lose your funds.

Birdwingo Commercial Insurance

We are commercially insured against incidents up to 1 250 000€ per incident. 

Bank-level Security, SSL & 256-Bit Encryption

Your security and privacy is our top-priority 🤍. That’s why we use SSL and 256-bit encryption for data transfers.

Invite friends to trade commission-free...

Birdwingo Friends

3 Months

For every friend you invite through the app, you get 3 months of free trading – that means, O€ fee for every trade on unlimited number of trades. You will not be charged any other fees.

For Life

If you invite 5 friends, you will get unlimited free trading for life.

Your friends need to top up their account with a minimum deposit of 1€ in order to unlock free trading for you 🙂

...Or enjoy our super transparent pricing

If you don’t invite friends, this is the pricing:


  • 1 € every time you buy or sell an asset
  • No other fees apply – no withdrawal fee, no deposit fee, no FX markup, no spread, no inactivity fee or any other fee
  • Minimum Deposit to start trading is only 1€

Transparent breakdown of how we use each € we charge: 0.5 for third-party costs, 0.4 for the development of new features for you, and 0.1 for charities supporting Ukraine. 

Premium Account Coming Soon

Join now and get a mysterious share for free! 




Any EU citizen who is over 18 ❌👶

We offer over 4,000 stocks and over 1500 ETFs, including all the popular ones like SP 500 ETF from Vanguard, iShares, and others. You can trade during the stock market opening hours and “after-hours trading” is also offered.

We will soon add crypto and later possibly NFTs (non-fungible tokens). If there are any other products that you desperately need, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to add these.

First 3 months are completely commission-free for everyone. That means: 

– unlimited free trades
– no deposit fee
– no trade execution fee
– no management fee
– no custody fee
– no success fee
– no withdrawal fee
– no inactivity fee
– no FX markup (interbank exchange rate – the same banks use to trade among each other)
– no spread
– other fees we forgot to mention? Well, we don’t charge those either…

If 3 months are not enough you can prolong this period by inviting friends. For each friend you invite, you get 3 extra months of free trading. Once you invite 5 or more friends you’ll trade stocks and ETFs without any fees forever.


No friends, no worries. After the first 3 months, the only fee you’ll pay is a transparent 1 EUR/trade. We’ll use each € as follows: 0.5 third-party costs, 0.4 development of new features for you, 0.1 Ukraine charity. 

Premium accounts with even more premium functionality coming later in 2022 👀

It is really easy. Send money directly to your Birdwingo account via a bank transfer (you can find your details in the app’s top up section). In most cases, you can start trading instantly, so no annoying waiting 😎

In the future, you will also be able to top up your account using credit/debit card and by securely adding your account to the app.

Just like when you add money. Click withdraw and we’ll send the funds directly to the account you used for top ups.

Usually 1-2 working days. Top ups often take seconds so you can trade instantly.

At the moment, we accept EUR and CZK. Gradually, we will start accepting all European currencies.

Unlike others, we use the interbank exchange rate (like Revolut) and do not charge any currency exchange fees. Interbank exchange rate is the rate that banks use to trade currencies among each other – that is exactly what you are getting as well.

Of course! And you don’t have to rely only on our words.

1) Insurance for your money.
Your money is legally insured up to $500 000 per user under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation scheme.This means that if something happens to Birdwingo or our partners, you have a money back guarantee. In addition to this, it is insured up to 50 000 per user under the standard European Investor Compensation Scheme. If this was not enough, Birdwingo is also commercially insured against incidents.

2) Regulatory oversight.
Operations are fully backed by our partner Wealth Effect Management, who is a fully registered stock broker regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia with the ability to offer services in other EU member states. ( Trading takes place through a broker-dealer in the USA regulated by the US regulator FINRA. It manages large amounts of transactions worldwide every day. For more details, please read our T&Cs.

3) Strong investors

We are greatly supported by Bienville Capital, a New York City-based venture capital fund that manages assets worth more than $3 billion & invests in iconic tech companies globally. 

We believe that everyone should have access to investing. Paying high fees is unnecessary, and it also creates a barrier for those who do not have enormous wealth. In our heart we are a technology company – we have built a system that allows us to significantly reduce operating costs and we have negotiated low fees with our partners. We will also make money through premium accounts with premium functionality in the future. 

How many you want! There are no restrictions and they are all free for everyone in the first 3 months. 

We care as well! 💜 You can have a peace of mind and invest in companies that don’t kill turtles with plastic waste or support the Russian govt.